European Farmers Tour

Sowing Seeds: A European Perspective

European farmers tour Canada to share experiences on farm policies, seed laws, trade, and advocacy

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National Farmers Union – Manitoba welcomes all Manitobans to engage with European Farmers on Feb. 22 and 23 in Winnipeg and February 24th in Brandon.  

European farmers have been invited to share their experiences and discuss key issues like plant breeders rights legislation, seed exchange, farmers right to save seed, royalties, public versus private funding and recent trade agreements such as CETA.  

The Canadian government’s passing of Bill C-18 which fully implemented UPOV’91, while at the same time reducing funding for public crop research, has left Canadian farmers with many unanswered questions.

EU Farmers Speaking Events in Manitoba:

Monday, Feb. 22nd  – Winnipeg, MB – University of Manitoba – 3:30pm – 5:30pm – Ag Building
Tuesday, Feb 23rd  – Brandon, MB – Knox United Church  – 2:30pm – 4:30pm
Wednesday, Feb 24th – Winnipeg, MB – Canadian Mennonite University – 6:45pm – 8:45pm


Claudia Schievelbein
Claudia Schievelbein – Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft

Claudia Schievelbein is a farmer and journalist with an independent agricultural newspaper,   based in  Hannover, Germany.  Her family are members of the German family farmers organisation Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft (AbL).  As a journalist, she has reported on a variety of seed issues, including;  royalties,  farm-saved seeds, patents, GMOs, as well as conventional  and organic markets, on farms in Germany and Europe.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft:

Guy Kastler - Confédération Paysanne
Guy Kastler – Confédération Paysanne

Guy Kastler is a French organic farmer and Confédération Paysanne leader as well as being internationally recognized for his long-standing involvement in protecting farmers’ rights to seeds.  Guy’s experience includes the area of international seed policies such as UPOV.   He is an observer for La Via Campesina on the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), as well as an  advisor and activist on key seeds rights legal actions in France.

Confederation Paysanne

Speakers will address topics such as:

  • What is it like to farm in Europe?
  • What are potential effects of trade agreements on farming?
  • How have farmers reacted to the effects of seed laws like UPOV’91?
  • What is plant breeding like in France and Germany?
  • How has farm advocacy shaped policy in Europe?
  • What are pitfalls Canadians should avoid when it comes to farm policies?

A special French translator will be used for our French speaker.  Each event will allow time for questions. After Manitoba the tour will commence in Ontario and Quebec.

Donations will be taken at the door.

Funding for this event has been provided by the Province of Manitoba and the Canadian Government through Growing Forward 2. We also thank our sponsors: National Farmers Foundation and Interlake Forage Seeds Ltd. as well as support from our international partners at: La Via Campesina.

Event coordinator: Rozanne Nevakshonoff

Poster PDF: EU Tour Poster
Press Release: NFU-MB EU Tour Press Release
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