Being a Member of the NFU allows you to take part in a general farm organization that speaks up on behalf of a better world for farmers and rural communities.  We are a crucial voice at the policy table locally, provincially and federally for policymakers to hear from. We are connected to a network of academics, scientists and farm leaders that believe in speaking out against exploitation and manipulation in agriculture.

As a grassroots organization Memberships are what keep our organization running. Please consider being part of a growing and crucial part of the farm movement.

Sign up online here: Membership Sign-up

Farm Family Membership:

If you farm, you and your family may join as Farm Family Members. Every member of the farm family – including youth, aged 14 to 21 – are full voting members of the NFU. The NFU recognizes that every family member contributes to the farm by working on it directly or indirectly through off-farm employment.

Associate Member:

If you are a non-farmer who supports NFU values join as an associate member. Associates can participate in planning and carrying out activities to help the NFU achieve its goal to build a better food system. As an associate member you will receive all NFU publications but do not have a vote.

Youth Member:

A youth membership covers any youth aged 14 to 25. who does not already fall into the Farm Family Membership category.